Should You Get a Patent or NDA Signed First?

You know how terrified you were of kids finding out that you were allergic to peaches in school?

You did everything you could to hide the fact. You quivered in your bed every night suffering vignettes of you being called out.

Then, when you finally told the kids on your lunch table, nobody cared.

That’s the same with your amazing idea.

First of all, it’s not all that amazing. And even if it is, telling the world about it BEFORE you get a patent or NDA is much smarter.

Why? Because in many cases, you’re just adding speed bumps and cost to the lifecycle of your product in a world that’s evolving every other Thursday.

Besides, let’s say your idea really IS revolutionary. Tell the world about it BEFORE you get a patent. That way, when a corporate copy cat with tons of money and a legal department files the patent out from under your feet, you can tell Twitter and Youtube that you published the idea first. Everybody will boycott the thieving corporation.

These brilliant kids did just that —


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