GPS Improved by Spanish Scientists

Often, when driving in cities, GPS can be inconsistent or inaccurate if a number of high rise building blocks the signal between satellites and device. However, Spanish scientists may have a solution they claim is many times more accurate. Despite the huge difference that GPS devices have made to our lives- especially for drivers- there … [Read more…]

LG Announce 100 OLED Pre-Orders

LG’s spectacular 55 inch, curved screen, OLED display EA9800 television is about to go on general sale in Korea as the company announce they have already pre-sold 100. It isn’t easy to stand out at the Consumer Electronics Show. The biggest, brightest and best manufacturers and innovators all put on a show hoping to draw … [Read more…]

National Taiwan University Debuts Thumb OLED!

The National Taiwan University have demonstrated an unusual and leftfield application for OLED technology with a prototype touch-screen, NailDisplay.  For the last couple of years, the world has become used to seeing the spectacular but obvious applications for OLED technology, including various forms of lighting and, of course, TV and smart-phone displays. More recently, however, … [Read more…]

Transparency Market Research Predict OLED Boom

For some time, its proponents have hailed OLED as the future of lighting and HD display technology, a new report from Transparency Market Research suggests that may be sooner than thought.  The advantages of OLED are well documented: brighter and more vivid colours, sharper definition, thinner and more flexible screens, etc. However, despite great investment … [Read more…]

Software for GPS III All Go for Lockheed Martin

One of the largest military contractors on the planet, Lockheed Martin, was the US military’s prefered choice to develop its replacement to the current GPS system, and things are on schedule with the announcement that the system software has been successfully tested.  The relationship between the Lockheed Martin corporation and the the military of the … [Read more…]

Apple Poach LG Electronics OLED Expert?

With reports this week that LG Electronics and Samsung were set to cease hostilities, could an entirely new legal and PR battle be about to be fought with reports APPLE have hired a former LG OLED expert? In only the last seven days it was confirmed by a top executive at Samsung that they had … [Read more…]

Jaipur Auto Rickshaws to get GPS

2012 saw considerable controversy in New Delhi after auto rickshaw drivers were compelled to install GPS systems on all their vehicles. Now the city of Jaipur is to follow its lead with growing concerns over passenger safety.  Last year, New Delhi’s vast system of auto rickshaws was the subject of many political battles and union … [Read more…]

Apple’s Tim Cook Dismisses OLED Displays!

For many people, OLED displays are the future, whether in TV, monitors, or the screens of smart-devices. However, they don’t impress Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has poured scorn on the technology.  It was less than a week a go that the reported hunting of one of LG Electronic’s OLED engineers and developers was an … [Read more…]