World’s Rarest Antelope Tracked by GPS

GPS is often criticised for its potential for government and corporate entities to track our movements without due process. However, GPS has just as many or more positive application, and as conservationists are showing, it could possibly help save the rarest antelope species on the planet. The Hirola Antelope is one of the most endangered animals … [Read more…]

Samsung Celebrate 300 Million OLED Mark

It seems that, while Samsung will lag behind LG when it comes to the release of their 55 inch OLED TV this year, they still remain the planet’s premier producer of OLED displays across formats.  Samsung‘s devotion to what they see as the future for TV, monitor, and smart-device displays is obvious; as such, Samsung … [Read more…]

GPS Trackers to Tackle New York Pill Theft

The theft of prescription medications in the United States is at an all-time high. However, a high-tech solution could potentially tackle this problem using GPS trackers in bottles. One of the consequences of the USA’s privatised health system, coupled with extremely aggressive advertising of pharmaceuticals, is one of the largest prescription drug addiction problems in the … [Read more…]

Fraunhofer Institute Create OLED Pilot Production Line

The problems surrounding the mass production of OLED displays are oft discussed in these pages and elsewhere; now German research Institute Fraunhofer has constructed a “pilot production line” to trial new OLED products. While major corporations like LG and Samsung‘s stubborn adherence to cold-sensor technology in the production of OLED displays still holds back mass-production, it seems scientists … [Read more…]

Garmin Makes Waves with Quatix Marine GPS Watch

Garmin are a manufacturer whose quality and completism has made it a gold standard for serious sports men and women. Now they intend to corner the marine sports market with the Quatix Marine GPS watch. Whenever Garmin release a brand new line of watches it is, rightly, big news; so many of the sport specific brand … [Read more…]

South Korea Develop GPS Guided Bombs

Recent years have been fraught with military tensions between North and South Korea largely inspired by North Korean missile tests which have angered the West. South Korea have now shown their own strength with the development of a GPS guided missile.  GPS is now something of a staple in advanced military applications, particularly in America … [Read more…]

Liquipel 2 The Next Generation of Hydrophobic Nanocoatings

Liquipel‘s hydrophobic nanocoating, which made smart-phones water-resistant became and industry standard, but their new version- which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week- is a huge leap forward. In 2012, Liquipel became the byword for the every day practical applications of hydrophobic nanocoatings with its smart-phone treatment which had the potential to nearly … [Read more…]

Samsung Youm- the Flexible Phone- Debuts at CES

Not to be outdone by LG‘s spectacular curving EA 9800, Samsung have hit back at the Consumer Electronics Show with the prototype “Youm” phone which features a flexible and “unbreakable” display! After the debut of the LG EA9800, Samsung needed to make a big splash when unveiling their latest innovations at the CES Las Vegas, and they did just … [Read more…]