5.5 Inch Handset Shows Samsung Remain in OLED Chase

Despite reports that Samsung‘s interest in OLED was beginning to wane due problems with low yield, it seems that they will shortly unveil a new flexi-screen prototype phone to demonstrate the huge potential of the technology. Once it appeared as though there was a new story about the production intentions of Samsung every other week; now, however, it seems that … [Read more…]

OLED Materials to Become 10 % Cheaper

While many of the costs surrounding OLED production are due to their prohibitively low yields, the actual raw materials of these products is also substantial. However, new research by Japanese scientists could see these costs greatly reduced. With recent press suggestions that LG and Samsung are considering putting back plans for widescreen OLED displays due … [Read more…]

New GPS Security Threat Unveiled by University

This year (2012) was largely about combating the dangers of spoofing and GPS hacking for those concerned with corporate, commercial, and military electronics security. But now, as Carnegie Mellon University have discovered, there are entirely new GPS disruption techniques for developers to worry about. The last 12 months have seen a huge concerted effort by … [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Naughty Christmas Campaign

Samsung’s flagship Android Smartphone, the AMOLED screened Galaxy S3, has received a slightly naughty Christmas advertising campaign, courtesy of Mrs Claus and the phone’s S-Beam service.  At the end of a year which has been incredibly successful for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 -it was released to great critical acclaim, been dubbed “the iPhone killer”, and become the world’s … [Read more…]

OLED – raising lighting to a new level

Luminescent carpets and ceilings. Windows that provide bright daylight even when it’s dark outside. Glimmering luminescent clothes: When designers and scientists start talking about organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), their imagination knows no bounds. Indeed, the future holds in store infinite ways of using OLEDs. But even today, these ultra-flat light sources have already managed to … [Read more…]

What Samsung and LG Need for OLED: Part 3

We now know that many of the problems large manufacturers have are already solved- on a technical level- by independent developers like Arizona’s Colnatec. In this final part of the series we talk to Scott Grimshaw about why their technology would be of benefit to the electronics giants.  In our previous blogs it was established, … [Read more…]

Hydrophobic Coatings Could Save Historical Buildings says Report

The use of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nano coatings in modern buildings has become an increasingly popular way of improving longevity and making maintinence easier and more cost effective, and,  according to a paper from the University of Iowa, it may be a way to help preserve historic limsetone structures.Previous experiements and studies on the use … [Read more…]

China’s Tianma set out their Stall for HD OLED

A reminder has been issued to South Korea’s LG Electronics and Samsung that they cannot afford to rest on their laurels with the news that Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Tianma Micro-electronics are producing OLED screens for smart-phones. While they may still struggle to produce wide-screen HD OLEV TV screens- despite the fact that companies like Colnatec have … [Read more…]

OLED Lighting has Illuminating Future

Most media focus on OLED has been on its applications for digital displays, but a new report by Yole Développement suggests that the OLED lighting market is set to explode by the year 2020. Barely a day goes by when a magazine, newspaper or blog isn’t enthusing about an exiting new display for the next … [Read more…]